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Why are big businesses moving into spaces best known for entrepreneurs

Many of the world’s big businesses, including South African companies, are increasingly making use of co-working spaces even though they have plenty of their own office space and facilities.   “It seems counter-intuitive at first but on further examination, it makes perfect sense,” said Linda Trim, Director at FutureSpace, a high-end workspace joint venture between Investec Property and workplace specialists Giant Leap with two [...]

Move Over Co-working, Pro-working Is Here

Linda Trim, Director at FutureSpace, a high-end workspace joint venture between Investec Property and workplace specialists Giant Leap with two offices in Sandton, said: ”Pro-working is rapidly growing in popularity with professionals and businesses worldwide that want a shared workspace that meets their polished image.” She added that pro-working has introduced a new kind of shared work spaced that is [...]

Goal setting in the workplace- make real plans that work

You’ve probably started the working year with the very best intentions- but how do you solidify your wants and plans into real, verifiable goals that will sustain you through the year? FutureSpace is here with a simple, workable plan to make sure the fresh spirit of the New Year carries on straight through to December in 2019. It’s all in [...]

Get back into the New Year workflow- 3 mantras that will keep you on track and get you back into the thick of things

With the party season behind you, and the good memories of family, holidays and relaxing mornings spent lurking in bed fading fast behind you, how do you get the motivation to come back to work in the New Year with a bang? These three simple life-lessons and mantras from FutureSpace will help you hit the ground running, and keep you [...]

Does your workspace really matter? Yes, it does- and this is why

You work among it every day, but you probably don’t give it much thought- your workstation, be it a fixed desk, an ever-changing shared office space, or a nook in your home office. You dress to impress, make sure you triple-check all the work you deliver- but you probably don’t give this other, critical part of the business landscape a [...]